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Hello, I'm sampath

I'm a Professional individual with a wide range of IT experience ranging from Designer to Creative Director & Architect worked under many startups.#Sampath, India. Now I work @ Softnxt as UI / UX Manager. Design Architect


A constructions form which create beautiful villa's and crazy concepts

Dazzle Events

Event Hosting, Deco, sound, event concepts, and celebrations

Khoune Pizza

A Concept of Pizza which will made into Corn shop with same stuff inside.

UZED, Design

A Concept of Old School days: in exchange of used cloths u will get steel, in this in exchange of old cloths you will get coupons

Technology' Company Design

Being creative is at the heart of everything I do. I’m obsessed with current trends and always strive to create “what’s next in design” to get brands noticed and push them forward.

Softnxt Technologies

Design, Technology, Marketing company with creative concepts and cutting edge solutions to all the business and individual


International product of aluminum Door and windows for all the elite customers


Aluminum and glass doors and windows UPVC Manufactures

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